Sliding Scale

UCEBT is committed to increasing access to effective, affordable mental health care. To this end, we are excited to introduce our sliding scale psychotherapy clinic. These services are provided by advanced doctoral students, who have earned their Masters degrees and are currently under the close supervision of licensed psychologists. Please note that these sliding scale services are not reimbursable by your insurance provider. After discussing your specific financial circumstances and the completion of our application, we will work collaboratively to provide options for adjusting our rates.

Regular sliding scale rate

For household incomes:
$40,999.99 or less: $95/hr. 
$41,000.00 - $60,999.99: $115/hr. 
$61,000.00 - $80,999.99: $135/hr. 
$81,000.00+: $155/hr. (not eligible for sliding scale, full rate only) 

For 2 months (the end of August and all of September and October) the post doc rates will be:*
$40,999.99 or less: $75/hr. 
$41,000.00 - $60,999.99: $95/hr. 
$61,000.00 - $80,999.99: $115/hr. 
$81,000.00: $155/hr. (not eligible for sliding scale, full rate only)

*Beginning November 1st, 2020, the rates will change back to regular sliding scale rates. 

For information about how our center works, please see Frequently Asked Questions.