Ashley Greenwell, Ph.D.

Partner & Consultant

Dr. Ashley Greenwell is a licensed psychologist serving on the Consultation and Dialectical Behavior Therapy Teams at UCEBT. She began her undergraduate training at the University of Washington, studying under Dr. Marsha Linehan, the developer of Dialectical Behavior Therapy. She earned her doctorate from the University of California-Santa Barbara where she conducted research on the impact of trauma and substance abuse. Afterward, she relocated to Boston for her internship at the National Center for PTSD. She went on to serve as a PTSD and Post-Deployment Psychologist at the SLC Veterans Hospital. Dr. Greenwell is also currently supervising PhD students and holds academic appointments at the University of Utah in the Educational and Clinical Psychology Departments.


Contact & New Referrals

Dr. Greenwell’s work with UCEBT focuses on providing organizational training, clinical consultation for fellow providers, and expert witness work related to psychological and physical trauma recovery. She also maintains a small caseload working with clients experiencing chronic stress, trauma, and perfectionism.  Prospective clients interested in learning more about Dr. Greenwell’s services can contact her at or set up a free consult with her by completing UCEBT’s online screener.