Kyena Oblad, BSN, RN

Clinical Psychology Extern

Kyena is a student at the University of Utah College of Nursing in the Psychiatric/Mental Health DNP track.  Currently, Kyena works on the DBT and Anxiety and Mood Teams at UCEBT.  Prior to graduate school, she earned her Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and a Bachelor's of Science in Psychology.  With her nursing background, she brings a holistic approach to mental health and wellness.  She has experience working in inpatient psychiatric settings as a registered nurse since completing her undergraduate education.  Her clinical areas of interest include child and adolescent patients, DBT clients, and anxiety disorders.  

Kyena's Recommended Resources:

Apps: Headspace, Safe UT
Books: Brene Brown's Atlas of the Heart
Podcasts: The Skillful Podcast, DBT and Me, and Deeply Human