Ashley Layton, MSWi

Client Care Manager

As a devoted Master of Social Work Intern and the dedicated Client Care Manager at UCEBT, Ashley (she/her) is charting a path towards healing, advocacy, and empowerment. With a foundation rooted in real-world experience, she has served as a Crisis Counselor for the Utah Crisis Line, offering empathetic support to individuals navigating life's most challenging moments. As a former Psychiatric Technician, she had the privilege of working closely with individuals facing acute mental health issues. Her work experience motivated her to seek more education about Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and trauma-informed care, and ultimately lead to her decision to pursue her Master of Social Work at the University of Utah. 

Ashley is particularly passionate about advocating for LGBTQ+ communities. She seeks to cultivate an environment where each unique identity is not only acknowledged but also celebrated. Through her experience and ongoing education, she strives to be an ally who fosters understanding and creates safe, supportive spaces for healing. Ashley applies perspectives that focus on the individual and their strengths, trusting that her clients are their own best experts.

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