Employee Assistance and Wellness Program

UCEBT is committed to working with employees and business owners to support and facilitate workplace wellness. We offer a range of interventions to prevent and address burnout, treat compassion fatigue, vicarious traumatization, and address other common workplace stressors. We also provide acute care services following a crisis or critical incident. Our clinicians have expertise in working with first responders, medical personnel, US service members, and veterans, as well as other high-demand professions. We customize programs based on the individual needs of the company. Contact us at  to discuss how we may collaborate with your organization or provide individual care for an employee. 

UCEBT employee wellness

Frequent Asked Questions

What information is shared with my employer?

Our current agreements protect the employee's confidentiality with few exceptions in emergency circumstances. Billing includes no employee names, and your employer will not be aware that you are utilizing this service.

How can this program and sessions improve my performance?

Our interventions are skills-based, meaning that you will leave the program with new, evidence-based tools to implement in work and home settings.

I'm so busy already. What if I don't have time?

We understand that your work shifts and home demands can be highly variable. We offer evening and flexible times for appointments. The investment of an hour a week for 1-2 months will allow you to learn new skills, increase your overall effectiveness, and save time in the long run.

How do I know if my problem is work-related or personal?

Your benefit covers primarily work-related concerns. Clinicians will work with you to make this determination and provide options if your principal concern is more personal than occupational.

Who would I work with?

UCEBT has a diverse staff of licensed and highly trained mental health professionals (i.e. Ph.D., MD). We will assess your preferences to match you with a provider that fits your needs.

What is the process of getting started?

The quickest way to get started is to complete our online initial questionnaire. 

Is there any cost to me?

Your workplace benefit includes an in-depth intake. Subsequent sessions are determined by the workplace benefits package and we will review options for additional sessions if needed.

To find out more about this program, please contact us at .

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