Instructions for Using Microsoft Teams  

  • You will receive an invitation via email from . Sometimes the invitation is sent to your Junk inbox, please check here as well.  
  • At the bottom of this email it will say “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting”. Click this when it is time for your appointment.  
  • If you are on an Apple device, it is recommended that you download the app to either your phone or computer.  
    • If you are on your phone, you can find the Microsoft Teams App in the App Store 
    • If you are on a computer, it is not available in the app store. You can get to the download by clicking “Join Microsoft Teams Meeting” in your email, this will guide you to downloading the app.  
  • If you are not on an Apple device, the link should lead you directly to your Microsoft Calendar. This is where you will see your appointment.  
  • If it asks for a login, this should just be the login you regularly use for your email. 

For your first appointment, please be sure to join your Microsoft Teams Meeting at least 5 minutes prior to the start time to avoid delaying or shortening your session.

If find that you need technical support, please call the office at (801) 419-0139 during normal business hours.

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Commuting alone has the potential to eat up a large chunk of your time and your wallet. Throw in some variables like traffic accidents, road construction and unexpected inclement weather and suddenly you’re late, creating a domino effect. Maybe your daycare or doctor charges late fees. Perhaps your doctor is booked out, so your missed appointment pushes you out another two weeks before you can re-schedule. Enter Telehealth. This new-fangled treatment modality can be a godsend for long commuters and bridges the gap between patient’s access to care.

 So, what is telehealth anyway? Telehealth in a nutshell is distribution of medical services and interventions using communication via phone or video conferencing. In a behavioral health setting, telehealth (or teletherapy) happens exactly the way it would in a therapy office except virtually! You go through the same informed consent, sign your intake forms, and connect with your provider from the comfort of your home using a laptop or even your smart phone. This type of therapy offers numerous advantages not only for folks who can’t make the drive, but also for those who are bound by their work schedules or have limited physical mobility. With more businesses turning toward remote work, the environment may enjoy some benefits as well with reduced CO2 emissions. 

 If you feel that therapy is just out of your reach, consider telehealth as an option. UCEBT assesses fitness for telepsychology and offers virtual sessions with licensed providers for the same cost as in-office appointments. Visit our new client page here to get started.

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