Parent Support Program

The UCEBT Parenting Program provides support for parents in conjunction with their child’s individual treatment or as a stand-alone support. At some point in parenting, all parents will experience unique challenges with their child. Depending on our child’s temperament, stage of development, and our child’s experiences, these challenges may show up as problematic behaviors (e.g., feeling down, acting out, refusing to go to school, excessing arguing, isolating). These behaviors can be unexpected and even very different from other children in the same family. At times, these behaviors can persist and cause problems for the whole family, despite our best efforts. In fact, sometimes our best efforts (e.g., taking things away, giving extra leeway), can lead to even more problematic behaviors and a sense of hopelessness or frustration in ourselves as parents. Fortunately, involving parents in the treatment process has consistently been shown to successfully reduce these behaviors, in fact, more successfully than individual treatment for the child or adolescent alone. These treatments allow the parents to gain emotional support and the tools they need to manage their child’s behavior.

Therapists at UCEBT are compassionate about, and committed to, providing this support for parents so that they can more quickly reduce children’s problem behaviors and regain their healthy and happy family relationships.

Therapists in this program are trained in evidence based treatments including:

Parent Training Group for Decreasing Children’s Disruptive Behaviors

Kandice Benallie, PhD offers a 6-week behavioral parent training group to support parents and caregivers in decreasing challenging and disruptive behaviors with their children and improving parent-child relationships. The group is offered virtually (or hybrid in downtown SLC, if interest is expressed) for 2-hour sessions. $75/week, plus $30 for participant manual ($480 total). The next group is projected to begin Summer 2024. Learn more and be added to the waitlist here. Learn more and sign up here.


UCEBT parent support program

Therapeutic Approach 

Parent coaching at the Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment is based on the following principles: 

  1. You know your child and family best. Thus, you have the wisdom needed to parent your child and strengthen your family.
  2. Therapy is designed to help you rediscover your parenting wisdom and reduce crisis in your family.
  3. A positive relationship with your child and discipline are both important. We will work with you to build the positive relationship while maintaining the structure of effective parenting.
  4. Each family has different needs and will benefit from a treatment plan that incorporates leading scientific research with the unique situation of the family.