Cancellation Policy

Canceled, Missed, or Tardy Appointments

Due to current waiting lists, it is expected that scheduled appointments will be kept and paid for. If it is necessary to cancel an individual therapy, family therapy, or any other appointment, you will be charged your regular fee for that session, unless you have notified us 24 hours before the time of the appointment.

This policy includes, but is not limited to, reasons related to SICKNESS, INCLEMENT WEATHER, SCHEDULING CONFLICTS, and TRANSPORTATION ISSUES ETC.

In addition, tardiness for appointments will result in being charged from the time your appointment was scheduled.

If you cannot make an in-person appointment, please consider having your session via telehealth to avoid paying the full fee.

To the degree possible, we attempt to schedule appointments at the same time each week (or interval designated by your clinician). This allows us to reserve a time slot for you each week. In the event two scheduled sessions are missed in a row, we may schedule someone else in your time slot.

There is an appeals process for extenuating circumstances. Please contact our billing department (801-419-0139) to learn about this process. When you agree to participate in group sessions, we agree to reserve a space for you in that group for a specified period of time. As such, fees are charged for groups up front, regardless of attendance.