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5 Myths About Psychodynamic Therapy

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is an evidence-based treatment that emerged from the psychoanalytic scholarship, which began with Sigmund Freud. While most textbooks on psychotherapy mention Freud, they do not include the evolution of psychodynamic thought and this can lead interested clinicians to think that they cannot implement psychodynamic interventions in their practice. In this course, Dr. Schollars will present 5 myths about psychodynamic psychotherapy, and 5 ways psychodynamic therapy can be implemented in a modern healthcare system.

Taught by Nick Schollars PsyD, licensed clinical psychologist. Coming from Newberg, Oregon, he completed his doctorate at George Fox University and his APA Internship at Saint Elizabeths Hospital in Washington, DC. He recently moved to Salt Lake City to join the Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment with a specialty in assessment and testing.

2.0 CE units approved by UPA, NASW-UT, UAMFT, and UMHCA for home-study credit.
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"Tik-Tok Made Me Think I Had ADHD": What Clinicians Should Know About Their Ethical Obligations in Client Self-Diagnosis

In this course, we will discuss the current research on the benefits and harms of mental health social media content and how clinicians can balance their ethical responsibilities and the client-practitioner relationship in assessing clients. There will also be a discussion of how clinicians can engage in effective outreach in supporting access to evidence-based, reliable information to teens and young adults searching for help.

Taught by Laura Rowley, Ph.D., licensed clinical psychologist. Laura obtained her doctorate from Wayne State University. She completed her APA-accredited internship and postdoctoral fellowship at Primary Children’s Hospital. Laura is currently the Program Director for the Assessment and Testing Team at Utah Center for Evidence Based Treatment, where she specializes in testing services for neurodiverse children and adults. 

1.0 Ethics CE units approved by UPA, NASW-UT, UAMFT, and UMHCA for home-study credit
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60 minutes