Work at UCEBT

Mental Health Professionals

Working at UCEBT is different. We believe that therapists work best in a context that is supportive, collaborative, intellectually engaging, and that fosters autonomous decision-making. We actively promote self-care, manageable caseloads, and personal growth outside of work so that our clinicians are more energized and engaged in the therapy room. As a company, we are growth-oriented and interested in hiring clinicians who would promote growth by either joining an existing team or gradually building their own program. In either case, we support clinicians in building a caseload that fits their unique interests and expertise because we believe that therapy is more effective when clinicians have a choice in who they see and how they work. Our employees benefit from engaging didactics and collaborative team meetings, similar to large institutions, without the corresponding administrative burden. This gives our therapists support and time to provide personalized and targeted treatments for our clients. Our unique model of employee growth and development contributes to a positive working environment, where every clinician brings unique expertise and insight to the benefit of both clients and providers.

 Interested employees should contact Annie Gull at 801-419-0139. She will gather initial information and schedule initial meetings if your interests are a fit for our needs. We only meet with a maximum of one potential employee/month and we are often booked out several months. Therefore, please contact Annie Gull as early in your job search as possible.


Postdoctoral Fellows

No current position at this time. 

Graduate Students

Our graduate training program is designed to enrich your doctoral training through supported and supervised training with experts in the field. If you are interested in completing a clinical placement at our center, please have your training director contact Sheila Crowell, director of research and training, at 801-419-0139.

Administrative Staff

No current position open at this time.