Costs and Payment

Insurance, Fees, and Payment Policies

Our Center requires direct pay, where clients are responsible for full payment of services rendered at or before the time of service. A detailed receipt of services can be provided for submission to your insurance, for possible reimbursement. This practice was instituted after carefully considering our client care goals, as it provides several benefits by:

  • Removing the hurdle of pre- and re-authorization for services, Improving client privacy, as UCEBT will not share diagnoses and treatment data with your insurance provider.
  • Enabling your clinician to identify and implement care that is based upon your needs rather than dictated by your insurance coverage rules.
  • Supporting our clinicians to maintain reasonable sized caseloads and meet our standards for exceptional care.

Based upon financial need we also offer some sliding scale fee services. However, these services are provided by clinicians seeking licensure and therefore are not customarily reimbursed by your insurance company.

All new patients are required to provide a valid credit card number in order to schedule a new patient appointment. No charges will be applied to your credit card unless you miss or cancel your appointment with less than 24 hours notice. Your credit card information is electronically stored in an encrypted form in our EMR (Electronic Medical Record) system. You are responsible for notifying us if you would like to update your credit card on file. We can accept debit and HSA cards as well as MasterCard and Visa for the EMR system. At the time of your appointment, we can accept cash, check or use the credit card stored in our secure vault system.

Sliding Fee Clinic

UCEBT is committed to increasing access to effective, affordable mental health care. To this end, we are excited to introduce our sliding scale psychotherapy clinic. These services are provided by advanced doctoral students, who have earned their Masters degrees and are currently under the close supervision of licensed psychologists. Please note that these sliding scale services are not reimbursable by your insurance provider. After discussing your specific financial circumstances and completion of our application, we will work collaboratively to provide options for adjusting our rates.

For information about how our center works, please see Frequently Asked Questions.