December 03, 2018

Why a Thorough ADHD Assessment is Important

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A recent study published by Harvard University has uncovered a trend in ADHD overdiagnosis in schoolchildren and a potential reason why. The findings suggest that children who start school at an earlier age than their peers have a 30% higher risk of receiving an ADHD diagnosis simply due to behavioral immaturity. The article abstact can be accessed here.

This estimated rate of misdiagnosis is alarming as it implies that children are being treated for a disorder they don't have - with medication they don't need. Unfortunately, research on long-term effects of ADHD medications on the brain is limited and does not accurately predict the risk of continued use. Parents of children who have received an ADHD diagnosis or suspect their child may have the diagnosis are encouraged to seek an expert opinion and a complete assessment. With a thorough assessment, the proper course of treatment can be carefully and more accurately determined.

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