Cristina Chévere-Rivera, Psy.D.

Advanced Post-Doctoral Resident


Cristina Chévere-Rivera is a postdoctoral resident for the Utah Center for Evidence Based Therapy (UCEBT). She comes from the Wright State University's School of Professional Psychology in Dayton, Ohio. Her clinical interests include working in community mental health settings, integrative health settings, and private practice to work with individuals across the lifespan. Additionally, she has worked with college students, immigrants, and patients in community health centers. 

Cristina has a background in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Multicultural Therapy, Skill Training in Affective Regulation (STAIR), and Feminist Therapy and values the integration of multiple modalities for optimal client care. Cristina primarily works with trauma cases and also works with emotion regulation and enhanced coping skills. Cristina has also run a group therapy program that is based on Skill Training in Affective Regulation (STAIR).

She has a particular passion for working with the Latinx immigrant population and has a genuine interest in empathizing with those who hesitate to seek or engage in therapy due to stigma. She strives to use her knowledge as a developing psychologist to raise awareness about mental health concerns among underserved populations in the United States. 

Among Cristina's hobbies are cooking, reading books, traveling, doing video calls with her family who lives in her native island of Puerto Rico, and watching movies and series. Additionally, she enjoys getting to know Utah and its natural beauty by visiting parks. 

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